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In our efforts to make things Altogether Better for our members, we've compiled all of our most popular forms in one easy-to-review location. Below is a brief description of each form you'll find.

  • Account Change Form - Need to make a change to your account? Use this form to add or remove someone, change an address, add a beneficiary and much more!
  • Claim for Reimbursement - Cashier's Check - Have a lost, stolen or destroyed Cashier's Check? Fill out this form to request reimbursement.
  • Forged or Altered Check - Someone forged or altered a check from your account? This form will help you start to straighten things out.
  • Power of Attorney - To add a Power of Attorney to your account, start here.
  • Stop Payment - ACH Preauthorized - Need to stop or suspend automated payments from your account? This is your starting point.
  • Stop Payment - Check - If you need to put a Stop Payment on a check you wrote, this form will get you moving in the right direction.
  • Unauthorized ACH Activity - If you've seen an unauthorized ACH transaction on your account, fill out this form.
  • Wire Transfer Request - To complete a Wire Transfer, fill in one of these forms and return it to FedChoice.

Please take the time to carefully review and complete the appropriate form. Forms that are missing required information or forms that have been completed incorrectly may not be processed to fulfill your request. NOTE: In some instances, forms must be notarized.

Please do not use standard e-mail to transmit sensitive information such as Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, User Name/Passwords, Debit/Credit Card Numbers, etc.

Account Change Form Stop Payment - ACH Preauthorized
Claim for Reimbursement - Cashier's Check Stop Payment - Check
Forged or Altered Check Unauthorized ACH Activity
Power of Attorney Wire Transfer Request


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