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Stop Worrying About What Time it is

eTransfer is your solution for transfers between financial institutions. It's 5:00 am – you just thought of a transfer you need to make to another financial institution and you can't wait until the Financial Service Center opens – eTransfer IS YOUR SOLUTION.

What is eTransfer?

  • A service that permits you to send and receive funds to or from another bank or credit union account.
  • You may transfer funds to or from any account of which you are an owner or co-owner.

You're in complete control

  • You set up the transactions
  • You initiate the transfer
  • You set the amount, the date and the account
  • You can set up recurring transactions


  • You can track the transactions
  • You receive a confirmation e-mail for the transactions
  • You will find your transactions listed on your account statement
  • You will value the security and confidential transfer process

The facts are simple

Fee for setting up the account FREE
Transfer fee from another institution FREE
Transfer fee to another institution FREE
Non-sufficient funds fee $30.00

Enrollment requirements for eTransfer (Account to Account Transfer) Service

  • Open an account at FedChoice Federal Credit Union and sign up for eBanking
  • Set up your eTransfer transactions
  • Already have eBanking? Sign in now and register for eTransfer (Account to Account Transfer) Service!
  • Call 301.699.6151 • 800.969.6151 for assistance.