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Current FedChoice Fee Schedule

Take a quick look at all additional fees so you can find which products work best for you.

Service Fee
Savings, Checking, and Money Market Account Services
Main Share Savings Account (When minimum daily balance of $5.00 isn't maintained) $3.00/month
Money Market (When minimum daily balance of $1,500.00 isn't maintained) $5.00/month
Paper Statement Fee $1.50 (max) per month
Courtesy Pay
(transactions $10.00 or less)
(transactions $10.01 or more)
Check Copy $2.00/each
Checking Overdraft Transfers from Share Account+ $5.00/each
Returned Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/ACH $10.00/each
Premium Checking
(When minimum daily balance of $500.00 isn't maintained)~
Stop Payment (per item or series) $25.00
Revoke Stop Payment $25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) - all forms $30.00/each
Holiday Club (early withdrawal fee) $15.00
IRA Balance Transfers/Rollovers
(from FedChoice to another outside financial institution)
Account Reconciliation or Research Assistance (1 hour minimum) $15.00/hour
Statement Reprint $5.00/statement
Document Copy $5.00/each
Copy of Transaction History $1.00/page
Third-Party Verification of Deposit or Loan $5.00
Incorrect Address $20.00/quarter
Inactive Account (account dormant for 1 year or more; combined deposit account balances <$500.00) $20.00/quarter
Escheat Fee* $100.00
Account Closed (within 12 months of opening) $20.00
BillPay Payment Request $25.00

~Monthly Maintenance Fee is waived for members age 18 and younger or 55 and over.
*Balances are transferred to the State of Maryland after 3 years of inactivity.
Note: All fees are subject to change at anytime, without notice.

ATM, Debit Card and Credit Card Services
Transactions at FedChoice ATMs Free
Transactions at non-FedChoice ATMs* (Usage: >5 month) $1.00/each
Transactions at Point of Sale (POS) Free
Increased Card Shipping Costs "Rush"/2-3 Business Days Shipping Cost $50.00
"Priority"/4-5 Business Days Shipping Cost
Undelivered card due to bad address
Debit Card or Credit Card Replacement $5.00
Debit Card or Credit Card Replacement PIN $1.00
VISA® Late Payment up to $35.00 per billing cycle
VISA® Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $30.00 per item
Copy of Signed VISA® Credit/Debit Card Transaction $25.00

*Non-FedChoice ATM locations may charge a separate fee.
Note: All fees are subject to change at anytime, without notice.

Credit Union Services
BillPay/Payment System Free
Credit Union Service Center (Usage: Visits>3 per month) $3.00/visit
eTransfers (Incoming/Outgoing Transfers) Free
Cashier's Check (Payable to self or payable to third party) $5.00/each
Money Order (maximum amount $1,000.00) $3.00
Money Order Copy $10.00
Money Order Stop Payment $25.00
Requests for Bulk Coin/Cash (minimum of $10.00) 5.00%
U.S. Savings Bond Redemption Free
Wire: Outgoing/Domestic# $15.00
Wire: Outgoing/Foreign $35.00
Foreign Item (check collection) $75.00 or more
Foreign Item (check copy request) $5.00/each
Levy/Garnishment Attachments $125.00
Express Mail/Overnight Delivery (Mon-Fri) Current Rate
Notary Service Free

#Additional fees may be incurred on Western Union Wires, depending upon the dollar amount of the wire.
Note: All fees are subject to change at anytime, without notice.