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Added Layers of Protection for Your Account

Apply for an Instant Access Line-of-Credit and enjoy Overdraft Protection!

Overdraft Protection
What is Overdraft Protection?
Overdraft protection advances money to cover an attempt to withdraw money from an account that does not have sufficient funds. Overdraft protection can loan money to cover ATM withdrawals, purchases made with a debit card, electronic transfers, and checks. When used to cover checks, overdraft protection prevents the check from bouncing; when used to cover other transactions, it allows the consumer to borrow money through a withdrawal.
FedChoice Overdraft Protection Options
Funds Transfer from Instant Access Line-of-Credit
FedChoice will transfer the funds needed to pay an item if funds aren't available in your checking account. There is no fee for this transfer but a balance is created on the loan that accrues interest.
Funds Transfer from Main Share Savings
If you have no Line-of-Credit, FedChoice will transfer funds needed from your Main Share Savings Account (if available) to pay an item if funds aren't available in your checking account. Limited to six automated transfers from savings account per month. There is a $5.00 fee for each transfer.
Transfer through Courtesy Pay
If you opt in to this overdraft service for ATM and One-Time (everyday) Debit Card transactions, and funds are unavailable in all of your account(s), FedChoice may pay the item, up to $500, for a fee for each transaction. Courtesy Pay Overdraft protection for recurring Debit, ACH and Share Draft transactions (e.g., Bill Pay, checks or other transactions where your checking account # is used) will continue automatically. Your account must be in good standing to qualify for this service.