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Features and Benefits of BillPay

What is BillPay?

BillPay is an online service available through eBanking that allows you to pay your bills directly out of your checking account with a few clicks of a button. Once a payee is set up in online BillPay, you can schedule them to be paid one time or as a recurring payment.

Why is BillPay Beneficial?

It's Free

When you sign up for eStatements.


You can access online BillPay 24/7 to schedule your payments in advance.


You can pay your bills from anywhere you have Internet access and you can track the status of your payment online.


You don't have to buy envelopes, stamps or make a special trip to mail off your bills.

Peace of Mind

You can schedule your BillPay payment the minute you get your bill and know it will be sent to the payee on time.

Saves You Time

Schedule recurring payments (e.g., mortgage payments, cable bills, phone bills, etc.)

Who Can Use BillPay?

Any FedChoice Member with a checking account who has enrolled in eBanking through this website can take advantage of this great service!