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Need help building or rebuilding your credit? This may be your “Golden Ticket!”

We've designed this just for members that may need a bit of help to boost their credit up. When you take out a credit builder loan, we’ll put the entire amount of the loan in a savings account for you. As payments are made, we release the money (less the interest) for you to use. On-time payments may be able to help build up your score and the release of funds ensures that you have money to continue to work with.

It's a win/win scenario!

  • Maximum Amount: $1,000
  • Up to 24 months
  • Rate: 4.20% APR*

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*All shares securing the loan must be in a Special Savings Account. Rates based on the cost of funds plus 4% (Cost of funds is the dividend rate paid for our Main Share Savings Accounts.) Rates adjusted semi-annually. Limit of one per member. Maximum amount of $1,000.00. Maximum Term of 24 months.