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It’s Where You Are That Matters

You’re going places, so feel free to take us with you! Not only do we offer personal service at six FedChoice Financial Service Centers – most located in federal buildings where you work – you can also make teller transactions as needed in over 5,000 CO-OP Shared Branches nationwide. FedChoice tries to be everywhere you are because your membership doesn’t stop when you retire, relocate out of the area or change jobs. Once a member, always a member! We’re all about access and convenience.

You can also access your funds at over 60,000 surcharge-free ATM locations around the country and the world through our partnerships with the Allpoint, CU24 and CO-OP networks. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to login, find the nearest surcharge-free ATM and be on your way. Nothing could be simpler.

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Start here for links to locations, plus interactive maps and apps, to access your FedChoice accounts:

ATM Location Finder