FedChoice Online eBanking

e bankingWelcome to eBanking, the FedChoice online banking system that allows you to check your accounts and complete transactions 24/7/365! Login using the blue Login box on every page of our website.

Our full-service online banking lets you:
  • Make transfers and payments on FedChoice accounts
  • Check account balances
  • Pay your bills online with BillPay
  • Print account histories
  • Export records to Quicken programs
  • Send secure e-mail to the Credit Union
  • Set-up Alerts to notify you when your account has been accessed, balances change and more

In case you have security concerns about eBanking, FedChoice maintains the highest standards to maintain the confidentiality of your accounts. 

BillPay is only accessible through our secure eBanking platform which retains industry-standard HTTPS/TLS encryption using secure, best practices cryptographic configuration: AES-256 for data encryption and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) ephemeral keys exchange.

Your personal information is always encrypted in-transit (after it leaves your computer), ensuring that no one else can read it