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Our nearly 90 years of experience supporting Federal Employees means we are ready to step in when you need it most.

The new FedAssist Flex Loan is designed to allow both federal government employees and federal contractors impacted by the shutdown to receive up to two months of their net pay. The loan will be available to new and existing FedChoice members who can prove that they are impacted by the shutdown without a direct deposit requirement once a Federal Government Shutdown occurs. 

For the first 90 days, you may make transfers from the loan to your account and you are free to use these funds as a replacement for any missing paychecks that may occur. If the funds are repaid during that time, no interest will be charged on the loan. If you choose to keep the loan after 90 days, the loan will lock and you will be unable to transfer additional funds and will enter into a repayment period that is 24 months with a reduced signature loan rate.

FedAssist Flex Loan+

This loan comes with:

Loan Amount: You may request up to two months of net pay – maximum of $25,000.~
Rate: 0% for 90 days – Check below for current rate of repayment after 90 days^
Term: You will have a 90 day period where you can easily transfer funds to your account to use as you wish. After that, if there is a balance remaining, you will have a 24 month term to repay what was borrowed.*

FedAssist Flex
Effective Date: 04/01/2024
NameLoan AmountTermAPR* as low as**
FedAssist Flex up to $25,000~ 24 5.99^
~The amount of the loan will be based on two months of net pay that member receives not to exceed $25,000. Funds may only be advanced once. FedChoice may request paystubs and proof of furlough in order to determine the amount of the loan. 
^All credit is subject to credit approval. FedChoice underwriting requirements apply. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is based on evaluation of applicant’s credit at time of application. Your actual APR may vary. Proof of Furlough will need to be provided to qualify for the reduced rates. No discounts may be applied to the Furlough Loan.
*Loan will not charge or accrue interest during the initial 90 day draw period. In the event that 90 days is exceeded, the loan will lock and no more withdrawals from the initial balance may take place. Additionally the loan will enter a repayment period where the amount taken our will be amortized into a 24-month term. The repayment will be at a discounted rate, based on rates at the time of the initial application. 

+FedChoice will make this program available to members if a full or partial government shutdown occurs.