Your Shutdown Stories



The Federal Government Shutdown can negatively impact many of our members, but we're here to help. Click here to share your own #ShutdownStories, and you'll have the chance to win a $50.00 gift card. 

"My insurance premium is $600 per month & my sons Insulin & pump supplies are an additional $600 per quarter.  Barely making it.  Now I'll be going to work.....paid in the future."

"I am a single mom, single income. If my pay from last two weeks shows up I have enough to pay bills, but not buy food. We live direct deposit to direct deposit, & something vital is always breaking - car brakes, stove, furnace. Nothing goes until this is over."

"My husband is active duty Coast Guard. Everyone thinks the military is getting paid during the shutdown, but the Coast Guard is facing no pay on the 1st due to being DHS and not DoD. We live in NYC, pay over $2K/month in rent, have a toddler and one on the way."

"The shutdown that happened a few years ago depleted most of my savings. Not enough left for rent, car payment, utilities, and food."

"I've been helping my family out with an illness, and now I have exhausted my own funds. Expected this to be over by now."