Thank You For Your Service

We're Here For You!THANKYOU1

The federal community is playing a crucial role in our national fight against the Coronavirus and we sincerely thank the many of you who are working tirelessly to help mitigate the disaster at hand and support the community.    

While you're busy helping everyone, FedChoice is ready to help you. We're here to assist our members manage their finances no matter what they’re facing! And we’re ready to assist your family and household members too. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you during these times:

  • Emergency Loans - If your income has been impacted as a result of COVID-19, we have loan options for you.
  • Refinance Options - One great way to save money is to refinance loans you already have for lower cost options. Check out our rates to see how much you could save. 
  • Financial Counseling - Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you get your finances on track with their free financial counseling services. 

If you're a federal employee, a federal government contractor or a family member struggling to master your finances, join FedChoice Federal Credit Union and let us help you manage your money.



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