Text Message Scam

Did you get a text message or social media message saying your FedChoice card has been flagged?  Please consider this to be a scam attempt and treat it accordingly. 

Please note: FedChoice will never contact you by phone, text, email or social media to request personal or account information, such as debit/credit card account number(s), social security number(s), account numbers(s), etc.

A sample of this text message is shown below -


FedChoice makes every effort to keep our members informed about scams and the many ways that thieves will attempt to steal account information.

REMEMBER – FEDCHOICE HAS NOT AND WILL NOT ASK YOU FOR INFORMATION VIA TEXT MESSAGE OR E-MAIL. Our IT department is diligently working to have the smishing scam shut down to protect your information.

Watch for the following clues to determine if a communication appears to be fraudulent:

  • Contains an incorrect/unfamiliar web address, email address, and/or phone number
  • Includes an attachment for an unknown source
  • References a "secure" page but the web address does not include "https"
  • Account holders are referred to as customers; not members
  • Account activity at a financial institution where you do not even have an account is referenced

Thank you for your understanding as we work to shut down the website associated with this scam.