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Whether you’re buying your first home, making your next move, or simply refinancing, FedChoice has the flexibility and features that will make getting a mortgage easier than ever. And, if your home needs repair before you move in or you’re ready to make improvements now, we offer several loan options to suit your needs and budget, saving you time and money before your project gets underway. 

Home Purchase

With our real estate partner HomeAdvantage®, you can Search. Buy. Sell. Save when you're ready to purchase a home or you're getting set to put your house on the market. And you can earn an average of $1,600 in Cash Rewards with each transaction when you buy and/or sell your home through a realtor participating in the HomeAdvantage program!

Speak to an Expert

We'll walk you through the process step-by-step and make sure you're getting the mortgage that's right for you - and your budget. Reach out to us and one of our mortgage experts will be happy to help you. Call 301.699.6126 or email us

As your financial consultant, it’s our responsibility to offer you quality products and services. That's why we're proud of our partnership with myCUmortgage. You're guaranteed a mortgage lender you can trust!

myCUmortgage Attributes:

  • FedChoice mortgages are originated, processed and retained by our trusted partner, myCUmortgage.
  • myCUmortgage has assisted over 83,000 Credit Union members.
  • myCUmortgage is licensed in 47 states - find the right house for you, almost anywhere.
  • They offer an online home loan application resource with frequently asked questions, daily rate information, and even an application to pre-qualify you for your home loan.

These are just some of the reasons why FedChoice has chosen myCUmortgage as our mortgage partner.

FedChoice NMLS # 399841 provides mortgage loans by partnership with myCUmortgage, LLC. NMLS # 565434.

Home Refinance

The FedChoice Real Estate Team is ready to answer any questions you may have about refinancing your mortgage, whether you're wondering if you can save money on your payment with a lower interest rate loan or you plan to take cash out to reduce your other debts, contact us via email or call 301.699.6126.


Home Renovation


Our Renovation Loan is Ideal When Buying a Home that Needs Repairs or Improvements When Equity is not yet Available

Borrow based on the post-renovation value of your home Kitchen Renovation

  • Free Concierge Service through RenoFi to help you through the renovation process from budgeting to screening contractors
  • The first type of home equity loan devoted solely to renovation financing.  It's based on a home's after-renovation value, rather than your home's current value, which allows you to borrow a lot more to finance your home improvements.​
  • Minimum loan amount $10,000; $250,000 maximum loan amount, using a Revolving Line-of-Credit to draw on your funds over time.

Home Loan Rates

We offer a number of options ranging from 100% financing to Jumbo mortgage loans and everything in-between to best suit your needs when purchasing a home. Check Out Our Rates & Mortgage Options

Home Equity Loans are available to help you finance any home improvements. A variety of options are offered, depending upon whether you would like to receive funds as a lump sum or draw upon them as your project progresses. Check Out Our Home Equity Rates 

And if you don't yet have enough equity in your home, our Renovation Loan may be the next best alternative! This option is based on the post-renovation value of your home which increases your borrowing power.


Conventional Mortgage Loans

(10, 15, 20, 30 year terms)

Ideal for "Rightsizing" your Home to Fit your Lifestyle

  • Fixed rates
    Father child playing at home
  • 3% down for FIrst-Time Home Buyers; 5% down for all others
  • Available for primary residence (owner-occupied);  1-4 unit investment properties, second/vacation homes
  • Minimum loan amount $150,000 (Refinance); County Conforming Limit for the maximum amount

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Ideal for Higher Dollar HomesCozy living room with fireplace

  • When your financing needs may exceed the County Conforming Limit/Purchase Prices Exceed National Averages (i.e., CA, CT, DC, MA, MD, NY, OR, VA, WA).
  • Available for primary residence (owner occupied), 1-4 unit investment properties, second/vacation homes
  • Financing available above the County Conforming Limit up to a maximum of $2 million


100% Financing (FedChoice 100)

Ideal for First Time Home Buyers

100% Financing for Single Family Homes (No Money Down)

  • Couple standing outside their homeFixed rates
  • 15, 30 year terms
  • No large up-front deposit
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Available for properties located in DC, MD, PA, VA
  • County Conforming Limit for the maximum loan amount 

Welcome to the FedChoice Real Estate Center!

Helping you find and finance your next home...from start to finish.


Ready to buy or sell a home? FedChoice is here to help! From finding the home of your dreams to financing it, we want to make every step in your home-buying experience as easy and as affordable as possible.

We can help you:

  • Search for a House

Find your next home by searching current Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings made available through HomeAdvantage®Searching for Homes on a LaptopThen save your favorite searches and get email alerts when new properties come up!









  • Get an Agent Referral

Need a Real Estate Agent?Couple meeting Realtor

The HomeAdvantage program has some of the best local agents to help you buy or sell a home!




  • Earn Cash Rewards*

Buy or sell your home through a HomeAdvantage Real Estate Agent and qualify for HomeAdvantage Cash Rewards at closing - the average savings is $1,600!Cash Rewards -Person Holding Money








  • Find the Best Mortgage

We offer a number of options ranging from 100% financing to Jumbo mortgage loans and everything in between to best suit your needs.**

  • Get Pre-Approved

Before you get serious about the home you want, find out how much house you can afford.Getting pre-approved for a mortgage Reach out to us and one of our mortgage experts will be happy to help walk you through the pre-approval process. Call 301.699.6126 or email us at







  • Get Home Insurance

Let us customize a home insurance package that meets your unique needs! Moving Day with the FamilyAnd now that you've become a homeowner, it may also be a good time to review your life insurance policy tool!






  • Finance Renovations

Our Renovation Loan can increase your borrowing power based on the value of your home after the renovation is finished.***Kitchen Renovation Complete your project now with just one loan - no mortgage refinancing required!

One of the best things? Our Renovation Loan comes with a free concierge service. We've partnered with RenoFi, a company dedicated to helping homeowners through the renovation process, to evaluate your entire project, help "nail down" your budget and assist you with screening contractors.

This loan option is particularly attractive if you're buying a place in "as-is" condition. You may need to make some improvements before you make your move but you don't yet have equity to help cover these expenses. Similarly, if you purchased your home a few years ago, and you're now ready to "make over" a bathroom or kitchen, our Renovation Loan might be the perfect fit!.

On the other hand, if you've been in your home for a while and have built up some equity, you may be interested in taking out a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line-of-Credit to help pay for home improvements. At FedChoice, we offer a number of options for you to consider. 




* HomeAdvantage is available to you through your membership with FedChoice Federal Credit Union. Cash Rewards are available to members who register to use HomeAdvantage and who use a real estate agent in the HomeAdvantage network to buy or sell their home. Using FedChoice for a mortgage is not a requirement to earn Cash Rewards. Cash Rewards amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the agent. FedChoice may have specific rules on how your Cash Rewards will be paid out. Cash Rewards are void where prohibited by law or the lender. Please consult with your credit union to get details that may affect you.

** FedChoice NMLS # 469739 provides mortgage loans by partnership with myCUmortgage, LLC.
NMLS # 565434.

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***The amount borrowed for renovation together with any other mortgages cannot exceed 90% of the after-renovation property value on 1-to-4 family owner-occupied primary properties. Among the ineligible property types are investment properties (defined as non-owner-occupied), co-ops, mobile homes, and manufactured houses. Homeowners property insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required. Fees and charges may apply. Membership eligibility is required. FedChoice NMLS # 469739 provides Home Renovation Loans by partnership with Renovation Finance, LLC DBA RenoFi. NMLS # 1802847.

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This free service gives you access to MLS listings, a network of experienced Real Estate Agents and big savings at closing. Enroll today!

To learn more about HomeAdvantage, watch the video.

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Earn Cash Rewards* when you buy or sell a home through a Realtor in the HomeAdvantage program.


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