Government stimulus payments are critical to many FedChoice members. Payments from the government are coming in, and many large banks are opting to hold pending payments. We are giving members access to their payments early.
If you've received an automatic payment to your FedChoice account, we will make every effort to ensure the funds are released into your hands as quickly as possible. If you're expecting an Automatic Deposit, and have not yet received it, please visit IRS.gov to check the status of your payment. 

To quickly check your account balance or determine the amount of your payment, please login to eBanking, Mobile eBanking or use FoneTeller
Automatic Deposit
If you're eligible for a payment, your funds will be deposited directly into the same account number used when you last filed your tax return and/or the account number used in the previous stimulus payment program. This will show the deposit coming from “IRS TREAS” or something similar.
Paper Check
If during the last two years, you didn’t provide the IRS with your direct deposit information while filing your federal returns and have not provided the IRS with your information as a non-filer, you'll likely receive a US Treasury check. This check will be mailed to the address on file at the IRS. If you do receive a check, we recommend you use our Mobile eBanking app to submit your check for deposit– this is the fastest way to gain access to these funds.
Need something a little more?
Since we know stimulus payments are already rolling, for a limited time, FedChoice is allowing you to double what you receive from the Federal government stimulus payment! When your payment arrives, we’ll hold on to it for you and give you a loan for double the amount. This partially secured loan comes with a great rate and term! As you make your payments, the funds we have on hold will be released for you to use – it’s a win/win!

  • We’ll double up to a $2,500 stimulus payment with a $5,000 personal loan!*
  • The rate will be 5.10% APR fixed for the life of the loan.
  • Choose to pay back the loan for up to 36 months.
  • Your rate will not change during the term of the loan.

When you're ready to apply, simply login to eBanking to submit your application - Click on "Apply for a Loan", choose "Personal Loan" and "Stimulus Doubler".

Please note, you'll need to deposit these funds in your account so that we may secure them!

*Loan amount is based off of stimulus payment received by member. Lowest loan amount is $1,000 (based on a stimulus payment of $500). Highest loan amount is $5,000. Term to be between 12-36 months. Rate is 5.10% APR fixed for the life of the loan. Stimulus payment will be held as a secured portion of the loan. For example, if a member receives a $600 stimulus payment, FedChoice will provide a loan of $1,200 and hold the $600 stimulus payment. This is a partially secured loan. This offer is available from now through 4/30/21. FedChoice may request documentation from the member to prove stimulus payment was received. Secured funds for this loan cannot come from FedChoice loan proceeds. Regular FedChoice underwriting requirements apply.

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