Retirement Clock

Let The Countdown Begin!

Are you counting down the days until you retire? If you know when you’re retiring (or even when you think you’d like to retire) we have a fun feature for you.

We’ve built a clock that will happily display how many days you have left until you’re finally able to say “good bye” to your workday schedule. Once you have logged in to eBanking, click on the “My Info” tab, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Change” button that is next to “Anticipated Retirement Date.” Once the next screen opens up, enter in your anticipated retirement date (or the date you would really like to retire – we won’t tell) and then click the little box that shows up next to “Display Retirement Countdown" on the ‘My Accounts’ page and click “Submit.”

It’s that simple! Now every time you log into eBanking, you’ll get a friendly countdown showing when you plan to retire. Ah, aren’t you looking forward to sleeping late? Playing golf in the middle of the week?