OPM Cybersecurity Event

You may be aware that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently identified a cybersecurity incident affecting its systems and data that may have compromised the personal information of current and former Federal employees.

Based on the information that OPM is providing, we understand that the kind of data that may have been compromised in this incident could include name, Social Security Number, date and place of birth, and current and former addresses. It is this type of information you would typically find in a personnel file along with job assignments, training records, and benefit selection decisions.

Below are a few recommendations as to what you can do during this period of uncertainty. We highly encourage you to take a proactive role in monitoring your personal accounts and information.

With your FedChoice Accounts:

  • Set-up eLerts within eBanking to receive notifications regarding account activity (i.e. when checks have cleared, transactions that take place over a specific dollar amount, etc.).
  • Monitor your debit and credit card account balances via Online or Mobile eBanking instead of waiting for a statement to arrive.

With your Credit Report:

  • Visit us at one of our Financial Service Centers and let us review your credit report with you. When signing up for your credit monitoring and identity theft protection being provided by OPM, you need to know what is already on your credit report. We are here to help you with this vital step!

With other Financial Institutions:

  • Set up monitoring where possible. The earlier you receive notification about questionable transactions, the earlier you can act upon them.
  • Review your accounts electronically and continue to do so.
  • Visit and review your credit report if you have not done so recently. allows you one free pull from each credit bureau each year – these may be pulled all at once or staggered over a period of time to allow ongoing monitoring.
  • Consider a fraud alert. Once placed with one of the three major credit bureaus, a fraud alert will let creditors know to contact you prior to opening a new credit account in your name. Read more here.

We do know that OPM began sending notifications to those individuals whose information may have been compromised on June 8, 2015. These notifications took place on a rolling basis through June 19, 2015. Within this letter, there is information about the credit monitoring service and identity theft insurance that will be provided through CSID. We recommend that you take advantage of the 18-months of protection that is being provided.

If you have any questions about the documentation that you have received, we recommend that you contact your Agency Representative, visit OPM's website or contact CSID.

For additional information:

OPM’s FAQs in reference to the cybersecurity event