Preparing for Retirement



How taking the right actions matter

Life after retirement used to be called “The Golden Years.” Not anymore! With more people working beyond the traditional age of retirement and leading active lives, the time spent sitting back, rocking on the porch, hardly exists. That’s why it’s important to understand what measures need to be taken to ensure a comfortable income long after the regular paychecks stop coming.

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Federal Civilian Employees like you have a unique set of circumstances when it comes to retirement benefits and income. On one hand, the advantage of having a defined program like CSRS or FERS is easy to contribute to and maintain. It comes right out of your paycheck and into annuities and, for most, the Thrift Savings Plan. We can suggest products and services to not only supplement your existing benefits, but also help you keep your money where it belongs – with you!

Additional information and assistance for Active Federal Employees and Federal Retirees are available at the Tangerine Foundation. Learn more by visiting today!

Products designed to ease you into retirement
Retirement Gap Line-of-Credit – Worried about paying your bills while waiting to receive your complete retirement check from the federal government? This line-of-credit can be tapped for up to 12 months while you’re waiting for full benefits to kick in.

FedChoice IRAs – Regular contributions to an IRA can pay off in many ways – tax deferred earnings growth and possible tax deductions to name two. Find out how these accounts can add to your retirement portfolio.

eServices – Our retired members take us with them wherever they go – for FREE! Access funds securely from any web-enabled device and have the freedom to travel at your leisure. Let us show you how.

Insurance Coverage – Get group insurance rates from partners that we select for their high rating and service records.

Once A Member, Always A Member – Your membership continues to be extended to you, your family and household members regardless of your work status as a federal civilian employee. Continue to access your money through online and mobile eBanking, over 5,000 Shared Branches around the country, and over 60,000 surcharge-free ATM locations worldwide.


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