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The Furlough Center

Stay up-to-date with all of your options during the financial challenges that you may be facing with the shutdown.

Once again, the threat of a government shutdown is looming over Federal Employees. In 2013, when Federal employees were furloughed, FedChoice helped thousands of members save money while waiting for their paychecks. And, just like last time, we’re here for you. That’s just part of what it means to be a member of FedChoice – we’re here to help when you need it most.

If a shutdown occurs we will:

Waive Withdrawal Penalties - If you need early access to the funds that you’ve saved in your Holiday Club Account or FedChoice Certificate, you may withdraw your money before maturity to help get you through the furlough. And, FedChoice will waive the early withdrawal fee/penalty!

Note: Dividends that would have posted at maturity will be forfeited if you choose to close your Holiday Club Account early.  If, however, you leave the account open with a zero or any balance, accrued dividends will be posted on 10/31/17. Certificate dividends will be posted by FedChoice staff prior to making your withdrawal.

Offer Furlough Loans - If you are a Federal civilian employee (active or retired) who will not be receiving a paycheck or retirement check as a result of a Federal government shutdown, you will be able to take advantage of our short term/reduced rate Furlough Loan.+ Additional details will be available if a Federal government shutdown takes place.

Offer an Additional Skip-a-Pay - Have a loan with FedChoice? You may also qualify to take advantage of Skip-a-Pay on your FedChoice loan even if you have skipped a payment within the last 12 months. This option is available on vehicle loans, VISA® credit cards, lines-of-credit, and personal loans. Share secured (loans/credit cards) and real estate loans do not qualify for this program. Note: Interest will continue to accrue on your account.

Consider the Following Options to Help Secure Your Financial Position During this Difficult Period:

Make Access Easy

  • Sign up for eBanking to allow easy access to your funds.
  • Download our Mobile eBanking app - stay in touch with your money. Mobile Deposit is available if you’re unable to access your local FedChoice Financial Service Center inside your building to make deposits.
  • Consider an Instant Access Line-of-Credit – when added to your Checking Account, it means that you have funds when you need them.

Even More Ways to Save

  • Refinance your auto loan. You could also extend the term to further reduce your payment. And, even take advantage of our 90-day delay before you make your first payment.
  • Own your car free and clear? Apply for a Clear Title Auto Loan – use a great low rate on an auto loan to consolidate high interest debt and defer your first payment for 90 days! Ask us for details.
  • Consider a low interest rate Home Equity Line or Loan. We offer $500 towards closing costs on our HELOCs.
  • Transfer your high interest credit cards to FedChoice with no-fee balance transfers!
  • Take advantage of FedChoice discounts with Nationwide Insurance.

All credit is subject to credit approval. FedChoice underwriting requirements apply. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is based on evaluation of applicant’s credit at time of application. Your actual APR may vary.

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