Waive Withdrawal Penalties - If you need early access to the funds that you’ve saved in your Holiday Club Account or FedChoice Certificate, you may withdraw your money before maturity to help get you through these times. And, FedChoice will waive the early withdrawal fee/penalty!

If you would like to have early access to funds, please contact us.

Remove Account Maintenance Fees - During the months of April and May, we are removing the minimum account balance fees for the following accounts: Main Share Savings, Money Markets and Checking Accounts. That means if your account dips below the normally required threshold, you will not receive a fee.

Remove Shared Service Center Fee - During the months of April and May, we are removing the fee that occurs when you visit a Shared Service Center more than three times in a month.

Note: Dividends that would have posted at maturity will be forfeited if you choose to close your Holiday Club Account early.  If, however, you leave the account open with a zero or any balance, accrued dividends will be posted on 10/31/20. Certificate dividends will be posted by FedChoice staff prior to making your withdrawal.