Coronavirus FAQ's

The Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ

As the situation with COVID-19 carries on, we’ve gotten a number of questions that we’d like to answer all in one place. This is simply some advice (and answers!) that we’d like to offer based on more combined years of experience with helping members than we can really count.


What are you doing to address the Coronavirus COVID-19?

We've stepped up cleaning in our Financial Service Centers (FSCs) and we're consistently sharing best practices for cleaning with our staff along with recommendations by the CDC. Our goal is to keep our members and employees safe while continuing to offer our members the services they've come to expect.

We've also developed plans to keep services in place if we do end up having to close the doors to some (hopefully not all!) of our locations. We're working on upping staffing levels for our Member Care Center so that we can keep up with calls, chats and emails as they come in.

Please keep in mind that this is a rapidly evolving environment that we're adapting to as the situation unfolds. We will continue to update these FAQs as additional questions come in.


Are you still open?

We sure are! We're open and ready to assist our members with all of their banking needs. While our physical branches are currently closed, our Member Care Center is still be up and running to take your calls and answer your emails/chats. So go ahead and reach out, we're here!


Can I stop by and talk to someone?

While you're not able to visit one of our branches right now, feel free to call us during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist!


Do I qualify for membership?

We sure hope so. Unlike banks, Credit Unions have a limited field of membership and you'll need to fall into ours. A quick overview of our membership:

  • All federal civilian employees and annuitants in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, and their Immediate Family and Household Members.
  • All federal contractors in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, (from companies such as Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and The Boeing Company) and their Immediate Family and Household Members.

For the rest of the details (specific counties that we serve) click here!


I want to apply for a loan, how do I do that?

Excellent – if you're a member, simply login to eBanking and submit your application.  Keep in mind, you must be a member of FedChoice to take advantage of any loan we offer. Not a member? Learn more about our membership requirements here!


How do I check my loan application status?

If you're looking to find out your application status the first thing to do is use this link to check where things stand and you may also send a message. This is the best option since it ties the message directly to your loan application, making it quick and easy for us to find and answer. The next best way to connect is via email. Please send a message to - ensure you include your full name (that you applied for the loan with) so that we can easily locate your application. The last option is to give us a call. We recommend avoiding this due to sharply increased call volume.


I don’t have any loans with FedChoice, can you still help me?

No worries! We understand that our members may have had a financial need fulfilled elsewhere.  We can still offer some basic advice depending on the situation. While we can’t tell you if what you're doing will cause a fee elsewhere, we can help you figure out how to best allocate your funds.


You guys are a bit slower than normal, what's up with that?

It’s gotten busy around FedChoice. Apparently the word is out that we’re here to help so we’ve been taking many more apps and talking to more members than we normally do. Which we love. But that does mean we’re tackling more calls, emails, chats and applications. We’re working on bringing on some more help and should be speeding up as we continue along. We want to talk to you and we’re absolutely working to better serve your needs!