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As a FedChoice member, you share a common bond with other members who see the value of credit union membership - an escape from high fees and interest rates. You’re able to rely on our Financial Service Advisors who know the ups and downs that federal civilian employees experience regarding wage freezes, furloughs and increased costs of benefits. But you’re still YOU, with your own set of unique circumstances and goals. So how does FedChoice help the individual member progress throughout each stage of life? Easy! We stay committed to offering the best financial products, services, resources and tools that will advance your growth potential – regardless of whether you’re a GS-1 or an SES.

We’re Here, Watching Over All Your “Firsts”
Think of the milestones there are to achieve – your first car, college, your first home, marriage, family, career, retirement – just to name a few. Each one carries a financial component that requires forethought and decision-making. To help make these experiences go as smoothly as possible, we’ve provided the following resources that will get you thinking about what’s best for you and how to your approach these big financial decisions…

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Schedule Of FREE Financial Wellness Seminars
Buying Your First Car
Saving For College
Managing Your First Paycheck
Getting Started On Your Own
Planning A Wedding
Buying Your First House
Preparing For Your First Child
Coping With Debt
Planning For Retirement


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