Now's the time for you to join the credit union that’s altogether better! When you join as a new member during the month of February, you could earn some extra cash. Simply complete your membership application online, and then make at least $250 worth of direct deposits into your new account by May 1, 2020 and we will deposit a $25 bonus into your account during the month of May.^ 

Ready to get started? It's easy! Click on the Join Now button below. There, you'll find our membership application portal. Create an account, and follow the steps to become a member of FedChoice. 


Remember, you'll need a few things to complete your membership application:

  • An email address to create a login.

  • Your state-issued ID (Driver’s License, State ID card, etc.).

  • $5 Membership Deposit. We accept electronic transfers (ACH), cash, check and Visa® or Mastercard® credit and debit cards.

Welcome to the Credit Union that’s Altogether Better.

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*To avoid maintenance fee charges, members are required to have a daily minimum balance of $5.00. New members must meet membership eligibility requirements. Visit for details. ^Membership application must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on February 29, 2020. To earn $25.00 bonus, you must make at least $250 worth of direct deposits into the account by May 1, 2020. $25.00 bonus will be deposited into account by May 31, 2020. To learn more about direct deposit, visit