CU Service Centers

CU Service Center Policies

The policies and procedures of the Credit Union Service Centers may differ from those at FedChoice Federal Credit Union. These include:

  • Picture identification required
  • Verification of signature on checks
  • A cash limit of $750 per member per day, subject to cash availability and computer access
  • Holds on certain types of check and money-order deposits
  • Completion of deposit/withdrawal slips before approaching teller windows

The following services may be available at Credit Union Service Centers:

  • Withdraw cash from savings and checking accounts (up to $750 in cash)
  • Deposit cash or checks into your savings and checking accounts
  • Cash U.S. postal money orders, most payroll, business and government checks up to $750
  • Cash personal checks and other money orders up to $100 if you have a loan relationship
  • Obtain corporate "Official" checks
  • Transfer funds from one account to another
  • Make loan payments
  • Obtain account balance inquiries
  • Purchase money orders and travelers checks
  • Purchase theme park tickets and Entertainment coupon books
  • Obtain photocopy, fax and notary services

Please contact FedChoice Federal Credit Union for the following services that the Credit Union Service Centers are unable to provide:

  • Transaction history
  • Questions about your account
  • Direct deposit and payroll deductions
  • Loan services