Now & LaterTM

Mistakes happen. If you are looking for a way to help clean up a mistake you may have made with your credit, consider our Now & Later loan! Not to be confused with a pay day loan, we want to help you establish a positive credit history and rebuild your credit! How? The Now & LaterTM Loan is unique in that it pays you half now and half when you pay off the loan.* The best part is Now & LaterTM Loans are reported to the credit bureaus so you show positive payment history – a win win!

  • Chose how much you’d like to borrow between $500.00 or $3000.00.
  • Choose how long you’d like to repay: 6 months to 36 months
  • The loan is fixed at 18.00% APR
  • Have been a member for six months in good standing.~
  • Have been employed with the same company for at least one year and have been employed continuously for at least two years. ^

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*Loan will be disbursed providing half of the funds upfront.  Second half of the funds will be placed on hold in a Special Savings account, not to be released until loan is paid in full. Once loan is paid in full, member will then receive remaining funds within 5 business days. If loan defaults and member is unable to pay back as agreed, funds on hold will be used to clear up remaining balance.  Defaulting on a Now & Later Loans will result in not qualifying for any future Now & Later Loans. ~Must be a member in good standing with FedChoice Federal Credit Union for at least six months. Member in good standing means that you have not caused a loss for FedChoice at any point and your accounts are currently positive. ^Member will be required to provide enough documentation to verify employment.


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