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Upcoming Webinars

Take a step towards a strong future with our financial wellness and education webinar series program, designed specifically with you in mind.

 When registering for the webinar, please use FedChoice YGL as the name of the Credit Union or Bank.

Fall in Love with Your Money

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 3:00-4:00pm EST

Fall in love

When you think of “falling in love,” what immediately comes to mind? Maybe it’s your first real crush or your favorite rom-com movie. But have you ever considered falling in love with your money? In today’s uncertain economic times, it’s more important than ever to understand your money’s personality-- or how you view its value and importance.


Register for our webinar today and learn how to save and spend better by embracing the personality of your money in the upcoming year.

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Take your first big step toward a strong financial future with our new FedStart program, designed to set you on the best path possible with big savings and incredible benefits

  •  100% financing available for homebuyers1
  •  $0 down auto loans with additional financing to cover extra costs2
  •  Savings Account with a $25 deposit to get you started3
  •  Cash Back Checking account with up to $300 cashback every year4
  •  Early payroll deposit that delivers up to 2 days early
  •  Visa® FedStart Credit Card - credit card with minimum line of $500 for Federal Employee Members5
  •  New member loan discount - take 1% off during your first 90 days6
Additional perks: