Financial Guidance

A Family Security Plan® product offered by PFP Services.

FedChoice has chosen The Family Security Plan’s whole life insurance program because it offers the flexibility to meet a variety of personal needs. This program enables our members to purchase individual permanent life insurance through payroll deduction and gain valuable protection.

PFP's trained and licensed representatives provide you with one-on-one insurance counseling to ensure that you get the facts you need to make an informed decision. You choose the benefit amount and premium payment that fits both your paycheck and your lifestyle. With this plan, you own the policy and can keep coverage in force should you retire or change jobs.



Contingent Guaranteed Eligibility

You are automatically eligible for up to $100,000 coverage.

Flexible Benefits and Affordability

You choose the benefit amount right for you and your family. The Plan can be started for as little as $3.00 per week and can be customized to fit your budget.

Permanent Protection

Coverage begins as soon as you sign the application, and continues after retirement with no increases in premiums. Physical exams not required.


Should you leave your present job or retire, the policy goes with you; you own the policy!

Convenient Payroll Deduction

Premiums are paid through convenient payroll deduction.

Guaranteed Cash Value

Grows on a tax-deferred basis that can be used for any purpose.

Cash Accumulation

Cash value accumulates at general interest rates on a tax deferred basis.

Family Coverage

Coverage is available for (eligible) you, plus your spouse, children and grandchildren.

Disability Waiver Protection

Premiums are waived if you become totally disabled for the period specified in the policy. Available through issue until age 55. Ceases on the policy anniversary on which the age of the insured is 60.

To schedule an appointment or obtain additional information please contact PFP at 800.990.7890 or visit their website at PFP Services.