Financial Wellness



iStock 1255563615 (2)The ability to make sound financial decisions has never been more challenging. Today, people have more choices, but they also face more obstacles, especially if they do not have the knowledge and experience needed to make sensible financial decisions.

FedChoice is proud to offer many valuable products and services, including financial wellness seminars that can help you see clearly through life’s financial uncertainties! FedChoice is more than simply a provider of financial services; we're here to provide  peace of mind.

Connect with one of our certified financial counselors, set up a meeting with our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness (one of the largest and most respected credit counseling agencies in the nation) or watch this space to learn about our next financial wellness seminar!

Click here to view a schedule of upcoming financial wellness seminars!

FedChoice has been providing Financial Literacy in the community for years!

We have worked with Government Affinity Groups such as:

  • A-PLUS - African American Postal League United for Success!
  • ATFA - ATF Association
  • BIG - Blacks in Government
  • FEW - Federally Employed Women

A few of the Agencies that we have supported include:

  • ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • HUD - Housing and Urban Development
  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service
  • NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
  • TTB - Tax and Trade Bureau
  • USPS - United States Postal Service