Financial Guidance

A Family Security Plan® product offered by PFP Services.

Why would you need Critical Illness Insurance? Isn’t a good Major Medical plan enough? In a word, NO. The costs for treating illnesses are staggering, with astounding amounts of indirect costs (lost wages, travel to treatment centers, childcare for family members) uncovered by traditional medical plans. Even costs that are covered by Major Medical plans usually involve co-payments and deductibles. With treatment costs in the tens of thousands of dollars even a 10% co-pay can be significant on a family’s finances. If the money comes from savings, college funds or retirement, those plans are jeopardized.

  • Critical Illnesses Include - Heart Attack, Stroke, Invasive Cancer, Kidney Failure, Motor Neuron Disease, Major Organ Transplant, Coronary Artery ByPass Surgery (25% of the maximum benefit) and Carcinoma In Situ (25% of the maximum benefit)
  • Lump Sum Payment - Benefit pays a lump sum amount upon initial diagnosis of a covered illness or condition regardless of any other insurance the member has. Benefit paid directly to you.
  • Known Timing of the Benefit - Benefit is paid upon first diagnosis. This provides you choices with regard to their treatment modality.
  • Lump Sum Payment - Amounts available from $5,000 - $50,000.
  • Convenience - Payroll deduction payments are automatic.

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