Certified Financial Counselors

FedChoice Has Certified Financial Counselors Ready to Assist You

FedChoice offers our members not only great rates and lower fees, but we also have Certified Financial Counselors at most of our locations. We have four staff members, Ginny Kosmalski (Philadelphia Financial Service Center), Damon Hall (National Financial Service Center), Tina Mason (ATF Financial Service Center) and Peter Gray (Lanham Financial Service Center), are Certified Financial Counselors. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to schedule an appointment to discuss your financial concerns and to see how FedChoice may help you to become more financially secure.

These employees are available to assist you with addressing a number of financial issues such as controlling your living expenses, understanding credit, learning the basics of investing and insurance, evaluating your values and beliefs about money, preventing fraud, resolving money conflicts and planning for retirement. If you would like to meet with one of our Certified Financial Counselors, please stop by your local Financial Service Center to make an appointment today.