Facing Furloughs? We Are Here to Help!

We Stand Ready to Assist You

Facing Furloughs? Worried about how you will pay your bills? We understand. Our members are being faced with challenges due to the furloughs and FedChoice is here to help. So far we have:

  • Helped members with debt consolidation loans totaling over $850,000,
  • Allowed our members to skip payments - 50 members opted to skip their car payment one month,
  • And, funded a number of Furlough Loans.
So, if you are feeling concerned about paying your bills, stop by our centers and speak with one of our Certified Financial Counselors. The items listed above are just a few of the things we can do to help our members during their more trying times.

Consider the Following Options to Help Secure Your Financial Position During this Difficult Period:

  • Sign up for eBanking to allow easy access to your funds.
  • Download our Mobile eBanking app - stay in touch with your money.
  • Opt-in to participate in our Courtesy Pay Overdraft Protection Program.
  • Apply for a Personal Line-of-Credit or a low interest rate Home Equity Line or Loan. We offer no closing costs on our HELOCs.
  • Refinance your first mortgage - Take advantage of today’s historically low rates.
  • Open a Share Secured Loan.
  • Refinance your Student Loans.
  • Transfer your high interest credit cards to FedChoice with no-fee balance transfers!
  • Refinance your auto loan. You could also extend the term to further reduce your payment. And, even take advantage of our 90-day Skip before you make your first payment.
  • Take advantage of FedChoice discounts with Nationwide Insurance.
  • Apply for a Clear Title Auto Loan.
  • If you have accounts where bill payments or automatic transfers originate, now is the time to add funds to these accounts.
  • Create a personal spending plan and stick to the necessities. Use our online tool, SavvyMoney, to help you evaluate your finances.
  • Continue to fund your investments. This volatile situation will pass, and stopping these contributions can make it hard to start back up again.

Due to the Furloughs that are occurring, FedChoice has a number of options to help you stretch your dollars even further.
  • Furlough loans
  • Skip-a-Pays on many Consumer loans.
  • 90 days until first payment on many types of loans.
  • Loan extensions and modifications.
  • Refinanced loans to reduce and extend payments.
  • Continued Counseling and advice.

Contact Us!
If you foresee a problem paying any FedChoice loan, which is triggered by the furloughs, please contact us as soon as possible. We’re here to help you but we can’t do anything if we don't know there is a problem. We will remain focused on serving you.