Change Your PIN



What number do I call to change my PIN? 

Call 866.762.0558.

What will I need to change my PIN?

Call from your primary phone number, have your debit or credit card in hand and some personally identifiable information that is unique to your FedChoice account. 

I called in and the system said I needed to contact my credit union. Why?

There are any number of reasons for this. When we conducted our internal testing, we found that it’s likely the phone number that you used to call is not currently shown in our records as your primary phone number. For security reasons, the system requires that you call from your listed primary phone number.

I can’t remember what I have as my primary phone number. Is there a way I can check?

You may login to eBanking to confirm your primary phone number. Simply click on “Settings" and then "Contact Information" to review your address, phone number, email, etc. You may also update your phone number while in the eBanking system, however it may take up to 24 hours for this information to be updated in the automated PIN Change system.

I changed my number, I’m still not able to update my PIN. What is going on?

If you've already waited the 24 hours for the automated PIN Change system to update your information, please give us a call at 301.699.6151 so that we may better assist you. We find that these continuing issues are best addressed on a case-by-case basis.

I never received my new Contactless Debit Card. Can you tell me why?

There are a number of reasons that you may not have received a card. Please contact us by calling 301.699.6151 or by logging into eBanking so that we may assist you further.