Mobile Banking

Have you tried our Mobile eBanking Application? We have apps for most of the popular smart phone operating systems that are currently out there – Apple and Android.

So – grab the FedChoice app, and start eBanking on the go! The login information that you currently use for banking online at FedChoice will carry over to the new app – no need to remember two user names or passwords! And, to make things even easier, deposit a check from your phone with our convenient Mobile Deposit.

Simply head to your favorite app store, search for "FedChoice" and hit download! Or click the link below:





How do I sign in to Mobile eBanking?
Use the same username and password that you use for FedChoice eBanking. If you're just getting started with our mobile app, follow the prompts to start the registration process on your smartphone.

What is a One-Time PIN (OTP)?
As a security feature, a One-Time PIN is sent to your email or texted to your cellphone to use when you sign in to online banking or mobile banking when you use a new device to access your account. You may also select the One-Time PIN security feature to be activated every time you log into your account. 

Do I need to complete the process right away?
As soon as you load the app on your phone and enter your eBanking information, you will be sent the One-Time PIN. From this point, you have 24 hours to use the PIN before it expires. If the PIN does expire, simply complete the step again to receive another PIN.

I loaded the app but never received the email or text with the One-Time PIN. What do I do?
Please make sure you're checking the correct email. It will be sent to the email that is associated with your eBanking account. To verify the email account to which the PIN was sent, you can sign into eBanking, click the “Settings" tab, and then go to the "Contact Information" page. Confirm your primary email address. You may update this information as needed. If the PIN was sent to an email that you can no longer access, you'll need to update your email in eBanking and contact FedChoice to resend the PIN.

How long will it take for my check to deposit?

Mobile deposits will post to your account at the time of the deposit but normal check holds do apply so be sure to check your app for any check holds.

After depositing, what do I do with the check?

We recommend holding on to any check you deposit for at least 30 days. If there is a problem with your mobile deposit, we will contact you via secure message.