Online Banking eLerts

Ever wish you knew exactly when your check cleared or when your account balance reached a specific amount?

Now, you can with another, altogether better service from FedChoice – eLerts! eLerts are free, electronic messages delivered to your email or cell phone regarding activity on your FedChoice account(s). This valuable service is fully member driven, meaning you can pick and choose which alerts you’d like to receive and where you’d like to receive them. Choose from:

  • Account Activity Summary – Summary of the prior day’s deposits, withdrawals and ending balance for the selected account.
  • Account Balance – Generated each time an account balance reaches a specific dollar amount that you establish.
  • Check Cleared – Issued when a specific check has cleared.
  • Custom Message – Send yourself a one-time reminder to pay a bill, stop a payment, or use it to help you remember an upcoming doctor’s appointment or school activity. The possibilities are endless!
  • Debit Card Transaction – Generated each time a Debit Card transaction is completed.
  • Electronic Deposit – Issued each time an electronic deposit (such as direct deposit of your paycheck) is added to your account.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) – Generated if an item is returned to you due to non-sufficient funds in your account to cover the payment.
  • Withdrawal Notice – Sent when a withdrawal has taken place that is greater than the specified amount.

Follow these simple steps to sign up for your eLerts:

  1. Log into online banking.
  2. From the main page, click on “My Info.”
  3. Then, click on “eLerts.”
  4. Once you accept the disclaimer, you will be prompted to set up an email address for receiving the alerts.
  5. Pick and choose the eLerts that you would like to receive.

If you don’t already have online banking with FedChoice, sign up today!

Step One - Contact the Member Care Center 301.699.6151 • 800.969.6151 and ask an advisor to email you a temporary password so you can access eBanking.

Step Two – Sign up!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Register for New Online Banking” within the fedchoice online login box on our home page.
  3. Enter your account number and your temporary password.