Equifax Data Breach

Yesterday, September 7th, 2017, Equifax, one of three major credit bureaus, released to the public that they had experienced a data breach.  We want to ensure our members that FedChoice only reports data to Equifax’s credit reporting system. From our knowledge of the situation, Equifax has indicated that this system had not been breached.  FedChoice does not use Equifax for its daily credit retrieval needs. We have fraud detection processes in place, and we are most effective in fighting fraud when we work together with our members. We strongly recommend that our members monitor their account activity on a regular basis and notify us if any fraudulent transactions are found.

Below is an email that was sent to us from Equifax on September 8th, 2017:

Important: Data Furnisher Update


On July 29th, our security team discovered the unauthorized access and acted immediately to stop the intrusion. Upon discovering the incident, we engaged a leading, independent cybersecurity firm which has been conducting a comprehensive forensic review to determine the scope of the intrusion, including the specific data impacted. We also reported the incident to law enforcement and continue to work with them. 

We are also writing to let you know that we have found no evidence of unauthorized activity on any of our core consumer or commercial credit reporting databases, including the database into which we incorporate the data that you furnish to us.

We value our relationships with our data furnishers and pride ourselves on being a leader in managing and protecting data. We are conducting a thorough review of our overall security operations and will continue to work hard to provide superior data security.

We have established a dedicated website,, that contains information about the cybersecurity incident, information to help consumers determine if they have been potentially impacted and information to enroll in the complimentary credit file monitoring and identity theft protection.


This is an evolving situation at this time and we will continue to update this information as we receive additional information. As noted above, Equifax has created a website,, to help you determine whether your data was at risk.