Share Secured Visa®

Build a credit history by pledging funds in a dividend earning share account to establish a credit limit. Offered with a low variable annual percentage rate.* Features worldwide service and Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver.

All of our Visa cards feature No Annual Fee and No Transaction Fees for purchases or cash advances. Cash Advances are at the same low annual percentage rate as your regular purchases.

Your card balance and transactions are accessible to you through our secure mobile or online eBanking platforms, where you can make Visa® card inquiries and transfer Visa payments anytime directly from your FedChoice checking or savings account.

Report lost or stolen Visa cards anytime: 800.325.3678


*Variable rate is based on The Wall Street Journal Prime plus 7.00% - rate adjusted semi-annually. Share Secured Visa® requires a deposit of 110% of credit limit.


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*Applying for a loan as a nonmember also submits a membership application. You must be a member of FedChoice to have receive a loan with us. Review membership criteria here.

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