Visa® Balance Transfer

Secure, Simple, Safe!

Do you have a balance sitting in a high interest credit card that you’d like to get rid of? Why not transfer it over to FedChoice using our Visa® Balance Transfer form. Download the form by clicking HERE. Once you've completed the form, send it to us via email to or via fax to 301.429.0488.

We make it easy! All that you need to do is enter in a few pieces of information and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Listed below are a few details:

  • You can transfer any amount - up to your credit limit.

  • You will be completing the balance transfer request behind eBanking.

  • Balance transfers can now be completed much faster compared to the previous process.

  • You will only need to enter the following information:

    • Credit Card Issuer Name

    • Current Credit Card Interest Rate (optional)

    • Account Number, Payment Address

    • Amount to be transferred (Remaining Balance on Credit Card – this will be shown as “You may transfer up to $XX,XXX")

If you don’t have a FedChoice credit card, just let us know. We would be happy to talk to you about putting a FedChoice Visa® in your pocket today!* Call the Member Care Center or stop by your local Financial Service Center to get started.


Report lost or stolen VISA cards anytime: 800.325.3678


*Credit is subject to credit approval. FedChoice Federal Credit Union’s normal underwriting requirements apply.



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