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FedChoice Federal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card Comparison

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Financial Institution

Credit Card

Finance Charge APR Low

Finance Charge APR High

Annual Fee

Balance Transfer Fee

Cash Advance APR

Cash Advance Fee


Visa®  Platinum Rewards*


14.25%   Variable Rate


No Fee

8.75%-14.25%    Variable Rate



Visa® Gold**


18.00%     Fixed Rate


No Fee

9.46%-18.00%         Fixed Rate


Bank of America

Travel Rewards®


24.99%   Variable Rate


19.99%-26.99%   Variable Rate

Capital One

Venture® Rewards


24.74%  Variable Rate


No Fee

24.74%                Variable Rate

Wells Fargo



27.99%  Variable Rate


25.99%-27.99%   Variable Rate^


Prime Rewards


23.24%           Variable Rate



26.99%                Variable Rate


PNC points®


23.99%  Variable Rate


24.99%                Variable Rate

Current as of 10/12/2018

FedChoice Balance Transfers are treated the same as Cash Advances and will begin to accrue interest once the transaction takes place.

All information is subject to change without notice. Current as of 10/12/2018. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data. Refer to each financial institution for current information and details about terms, restrictions and conditions for eligibility and participation. Please see the Visa® Credit Card and Truth-in-Lending Agreement for further details. *Visa® Platinum Rewards variable rate at FedChoice is based on The Wall Street Journal Prime plus 3.50% to 9.00%. Rate may be adjusted monthly and depends upon applicant’s creditworthiness at time of application. **Visa® Gold introductory fixed rate of 2.99% APR at FedChoice will remain in effect for six billing cycles (approximately six months) from the date the credit card is issued. Thereafter, the rate will revert to the regular fixed rate of 9.46%–18.00% APR as determined by an evaluation of your credit. The introductory rate is not available to members who have a credit card with FedChoice or have had one in the past three months.
1$0 for the first year, $95 thereafter. ~Direct Deposits treated the same as Check Cash Advances. °Bank Cash Advances include ATM, Over-the-Counter, Same-Day Online, Overdraft Protection and Cash Equivalent (money orders, foreign currency, travelers checks, or to obtain cash, from a non-financial institution, or person-to-person money transfers, bets, lottery tickets purchased outside the U.S., casino gaming chips and bail bonds). ^Based on your creditworthiness.+ No balance transfer fees within 60 days of account opening.