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Why pay more than you have to?

Credit Card Options

Why Comparison Matters

Credit Cards. Why Comparison Matters.

Credit cards from FedChoice aren’t just pieces of plastic to carry in your wallet. They’re a gold and platinum testament to your decision to use your credit wisely – trusted resources to help increase your purchasing power or provide a lifeline for emergencies. And, yes, they’re an added convenience in your busy world.


Why pay more than you have to?

Members of FedChoice appreciate the difference our suite of Visa® Credit Cards make when compared to other financial institutions and retailers. We go way beyond lower rates and fees to bring you exceptional rewards that add up quickly, plus enhanced security to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Whether you’re applying for your first credit card or are a seasoned card holder looking for ways to keep more of your hard earned money, we offer the following options:

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The plans for the 2020 – 84th Annual Meeting of FedChoice Federal Credit Union are hereby announced.

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Show Place Arena Home Show
Saturday & Sunday, January 25 & 26, 2020 Show Place Arena Home Show, 14900 Pennsylvania Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD, 9am-6pm & 10am-6pm, respectively.



IRS Membership Drive
Tuesday, January 28, IRS, 1111 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC, 11am-2pm, Main Cafeteria.



National Archives II Membership Drive
Wednesday, February 5, NARA II, 8650 Adelphi Rd, College Park, MD, 10am-2pm Main Lobby.



IRS Membership Drive
Wednesday, February 12, IRS, 77 K St NE, Washington, DC, 11am-2pm, Main Lobby.
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