Credit and Debit Card Issues

Issues with Cards


A file update for Credit cards has taken place that should resolve the lingering issues for members.

ATM and Debit cards should be working as normal. 

If you do have an issue, we strongly suggest double checking:

  • Your expiration date - ensure that you are using your most recent card and that it is still valid.
  • Card Controls in the FedChoice Mobile App - if you use Card Controls, your card may be turned off or limited as to where you can use it. 
  • PIN Issues - if you having issues using your PIN, consider resetting your PIN by calling 866.762.0558. For a full set of instructions, please click here. FedChoice did send an email to a small number of members asking members to update their PIN via our Automated System. 

Please contact us at 301.699.6151 or 800.969.6151 for any issues you are experiencing with your FedChoice cards. 

We apologize for the ongoing inconvenience.

Updated: 12/9/22 - 8:45am EST