The FedChoice Story



The FedChoice Story

The Road to Becoming FedChoice

Well, not so much a “road.” More like super-fast highway, really. After 70 years as IR Federal Credit Union, things started changing quickly in 2005.

Namely, we were granted a TIP Charter (Trade, Industry or Profession), which means that we can include all of a particular group of people in a specific area of a region. Who are those people? They’re all federal government civilian employees and their family and household members. And that includes retirees, annuitants and pensioners. And their families, too! For more about eligibility, click here.

The area is big — the entire Washington, D.C./Baltimore/Philadelphia metro area. That includes 40 counties from Virginia to New Jersey. For a list of counties, click here.

And along the way, we also decided that our big new charter called for a big new name. One that lets people know we’re for all federal employees.

Welcome to FedChoice Federal Credit Union. Altogether better banking for federal employees and their families.